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Avon Rare Pearl Body Lotion - 125ML

Avon Rare Pearl Body Lotion - 125ML

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Product description:

Filled with the same delicate scent as the matching Rare Pearls Eau de Parfum with aromatic rosewood, pearlescent flower and magnolia that’s perfectly complemented with sensual undertones of pearl musk and sandalwood, this lotion will give your skin 24 hours of moisture* with a silky soft and smooth after-feel.

Scent type: A floral blend with pearlescent flower and magnolia that lets your rare beauty come to light.

Product specification:
Top notes: Aldehydes, Rosewood, Lush Greens.
Middle notes: Pearlescent Flower, Magnolia, Sparkling Plum, Spiked Pepper.
Bottom notes: Pearl Musk, Sandalwood, Patchouli.

Why you’ll love me:
• Gives your skin 24 hours of moisture with a beautifully soft and smooth after-feel.
• The scent is subtle and not overpowering, just the way you like it.
• It makes a lovely treat for yourself or for someone you love.

*Based on a clinical moisturisation study

How to Use:
• Massage the lotion all over your body after showering or bathing, and towel-drying. If you apply the lotion while your skin is still warm and your pores are open, it will absorb much better.
• Spritz on the matching Rare Pearls Eau de Parfum to really heighten your scent. It’s best to spray perfume on moisturised skin.

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